We care about our players, their family and club supporters. We strive to provide a safe, fun, and healthy environment for all who come to the club, whether they are part of the club or visiting.Below are the codes of conduct we adhere to:

FFA National Code of Conduct

FFA Coaches Code of Ethics

FFA Concussions Guidelines



The Committee reminds everyone that both Boomers FC and the AWFA have stringent Social Media guidelines.

The Committee has received notification of recent inappropriate social media posts made by Boomers FC members.

The Committee has been asked to seek the removal of all inappropriate posts regarding the AWFA, AWFA members and or opposition clubs or players.

Boomers FC has been given official notice for the posts to be removed by 5:00pm on 20 September 2017 or the AWFA Social Media Policy will be applied accordingly.

If any members have made social media posts about the AWFA, AWFA members and or opposition clubs or players that may be deemed inappropriate PLEASE immediately delete them. If you are unsure if a post is inappropriate, don’t risk it, delete it.